Update on Xiaomi Sensors with Home Assistant

My Home Assistant setup has been running great for several months, so I haven’t bothered to update it. I was actually a little reluctant to update because they made some changes to how custom components work. And I rely pretty heavily on the Zha_new component to use Xiaomi Sensors without the xiaomi hub. I think I’ve been on Home Assistant 0.84 for quite a while.

So I made a quick backup and went through with the upgrade. It’s very quick and easy using Hass.io. As expected, the zha_new component completely broke.

But after downloading the latest version from Yoda-x’s github and copying to Home Assistant everything seemed to look good on my dashboard again.

It didn’t take long to notice that the sensors were not updating their status. So I walked around the house and ran the zha_new.permit command, followed by pushing the sensor’s button (same process as described in our previous articles). After that they’re all working great and we’re enjoying the benefits of Home Assistant 0.95!

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